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This year has been a very slow start for me, trying to get into the flow, with no money! I had already payed for The Hand And Lock Competition for 2015  but the brief of COUNTRIES, really baffled my mind! Literally threw me off parr!!!!! So in my creative mindset I decided to look deeper into the idea of countries! Rather than being really obvious and embellishing a Union Jack to a dress or some sort of flag or replica of a countries embellishments/embroideries I decided to look into disasters natural and man made and one that I have always found interesting is the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster (NOW THIS WAS AN IDEA I CAN WORK WITH) So after a long process of bleaching, dying, studding, embellishing, burning, ripping, shredding, distressing, I created a beautiful outfit that stands out from most! LETS HOPE THIS MAKES ME A WINNER OR AT ATLEAST A REPICENT OF A PRIZE OF SOME SORT!! 











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